What can you say about Kenny Rogers. Kenny inspired so many artists with his unique voice, his impeccable story-telling, and the life he brought to stage and screen alike.

Who can forget his role in “The Gambler” and his nearly 65 years of recording rock, jazz, soft rock, country and pop songs. He performed as both a solo artist and part of several different groups over his career as well as some very successful collaborations.

He may indeed be one of the most successful crossover artists of all time with too many awards to mention, and too many hit songs to even begin to list.

“Through The Years” is an emotionally charged ballad that speaks of a love everlasting. Haidee performs Zsa Zsa Padilla's version in honor of Kenny and all he meant to musicians everywhere.

We hope you enjoy it. We will miss you Kenny.

RIP August 1938 - March 2020